We have a detailed understanding of ad valorem property tax law and real property valuation issues.

Ad valorem property tax law can be complex.  The attorneys at Fisk Kart Katz and Regan have published articles on many issues involving ad valorem property tax law in Illinois and throughout the nation.  Our articles discuss the valuation of hotels, shopping malls, apartments, and condominiums.  In addition, we provide detailed updates on issues of Illinois property tax law.  Read our articles to learn more.

What Taxpayers Can Do About Higher Chicago Industrial Property Tax Assessments
Fisk Kart Katz and Regan, Ltd. Website | By Antonio Senagore

Condominium Units are in a Class of Their Own When it Comes to Real Estate Taxes
Fisk Kart Katz and Regan, Ltd. Website

Your Participation Matters in the 2015 Reassessment of Chicago
Fisk Kart Katz and Regan, Ltd. Website

Is History Repeating Itself in Multifamily Rental Space?
Real Estate Forum – December 2013 | James P. Regan with Antonio Senagore

Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in Property Tax Assessment Appeals after Millennium Park
Illinois Bar Journal, August 2012, p. 434 | By Antonio Senagore

What Revaluation Means for Chicago
National Real Estate Investor – Online, September 2012 | By James Regan

Are Nonprofit Hospitals Charitable Institutions?  The Charitable Use Real Property Exemption after Provena
Illinois Bar Journal, February 2011, p. 96 | By Antonio Senagore

Unforeseen Consequences of Tax Increment Financing
Midwest Real Estate News, October 2006 | By James Regan

What is True Value,A roundtable discussion among APTC members and clients
Real Estate Forum, January 2005 | Panel Discussion with James P. Regan

Assisted Living Facilities for Seniors are Not Nursing Homes
GlobeSt. com, January 2004 | By James P. Regan

Suburban Hotel Assessments Do Not Reflect Market Value
GlobeSt.com, December 2003  | By James P. Regan

When Real Estate Taxes Change Neighborhoods
GlobeSt.com, November 2003  | By James P. Regan

Chicago Hotels Should Look Forward to Tax Relief
GlobeSt.com, August 2003  | By James P. Regan

Excessive Real Estate Taxes May Frustrate Development of Senior Housing
GlobeSt.com, July 2003  | By James P. Regan

Cook County Business Retain Access to Tax Board
GlobeSt.com, June, 2003  | By James P. Regan

Cook County Apartment Owners, Your Real Estate Taxes Will Be Reduced
GlobeSt.com, May 2003  | By James P. Regan 

Assessment Practices Inflate Value of Apartment Buildings
GlobeSt.com, March 2003  | By James P. Regan

Recent Office Building Sales Prices Should Not Set 2003 Assessments
GlobeSt.com, February 2003  | By James P. Regan

Ordinance Level of Assessment Upheld by Court of Appeals
As published by The IPT Property Tax Report, December 2002  | By James P. Regan

Price Equals Market Value; Is it Fact or Fiction?
Real Estate Chicago, July/August 2001  | By James P. Regan

How Regional Malls Can Be Overtaxed
Real Estate Chicago, April 2001  | By James P. Regan

Eliminating Intangible Value Reduces Real Estate Taxes
National Real Estate Investor, January, 1999 By Martin S. Katz

Corporate Profile: American Property Tax Counsel The National Affiliation of Property Tax Attorneys
National Real Estate Investor, January, 1999 | By Martin S. Katz

Owners of Suburban Office Buildings May Get Tax Jolt
 Midwest Real Estate News, March, 1998 | By Martin S. Katz

REITs Signal Appraisers to Refine Valuation Approach
NREI, January, 1998 | By Martin S. Katz

Property Tax Valuation Considerations in Sale-leaseback Transactions
Shopping Center World, November, 1997 | By Martin S. Katz

Property Taxes a Forgotten Factor, Outsourced Partners for Optimum Value
Corporate R.E. Executive NACORE Publication, September, 1997 | By Martin S. Katz

Property Tax Valuation of Hotel Properties; Symposium Discusses Shift in Valuation of Hotels
Metro Chicago Real Estate, July, 1997 | By Martin S. Katz

Property Tax Valuation of Regional Shopping Malls Should Include “Intangible” Business Value
Midwest Real Estate News, May 1997 | By Martin S. Katz

Scrutinize, Challenge Your Center’s Tax Assessments
Value Retail News, September, 1996 | By Martin S. Katz

Refining Shopping Center Valuation Theories
Shopping Center World, April, 1996  | By James P. Regan

The Intricacy Of Hotel Property Taxes
Hotels Magazine, May, 1996 | By Martin S. Katz